meet the artists/vendors/musicians

two Chicks with scents

1935 Wrighstville Avenue

alexandra kerby

2021 Pender Avenue

angela stilley

2031 Wrightsville Avenue

Anne McCombie/Renato Abbate

2014-A Pender Avenue

bradley carter

1914 Pender Avenue

ann howard

1906 Wrightsville Avenue

Cammeron Batanides

2102 Pender Avenue

debra bucci

1914 Pender Avenue

diane levy

2020-A Pender Avenue

virginia wright-frierson

2020-B Pender Avenue

elizabeth darrow

1921 Pender Avenue

joe taylor

2001 Wrightsville Avenue

jo ann alford

2101 Pender Avenue

martha bateman

2101 Pender Avenue

hilLary flowers & FRIENDS

2014 Pender Avenue

karen ipock

1922 Wrightsville Avenue

paleo bluegrass band

2031 Wrightsville Avenue (back yard)

joyce houle

1925 Wrightsville Avenue

julia & rick chambers

2009 Wrightsville Avenue

g-daddy sauce

2102 Pender Avenue

port city power yoga

2106 Pender Avenue

mark darrough

1907 Wrightsville Avenue

kali szczypta

2102 Pender Avenue (Corner of 21st Street & Pender Avenue)

nick mijak

2102 Pender Avenue

megan stephenson

2004 Wrightsville Avenue

patrice hamilton

2013 Pender Avenue

mitzy jonkheer

2016 Wrightsville Avenue

susan francy

1919 Pender Avenue

sally smits masten

2014 Wrightsville Avenue

zack bennett

1935 Wrightsville Avenue

helen grieves-williams

2014 Wrightsville Avenue

scott welborn

2102 Pender Avenue

nancy wilder

scarves, afghans, & baby blankets

2112 Wrightsville Avenue

deb helms

1927 Pender Avenue

Mama Moon’s Corner Pieces

1928 Wrightsville Avenue/1918 Ann Street

sandy lee portrait exhibit

1923 Wrightsville Avenue

tiffany "nugget" machler

2021 Pender Avenue

spiritual junkies

2001 Wrightsville Avenue