kali szczypta

Kali Szczypta is an LGBTQ+ 15-year old from Wilmington. She attends school at Wilmington Early College High School.

Kali is a self-taught poet and author. A few of her poetry pieces have already been published, and she considers this milestone as one of her greatest achievements so far.

She writes in several styles of poetry, including everything from couplets to two-voice poetry.

Many of Kali’s poems are based on subject matter that is incredibly important but often overlooked or ignored by society. Her heart-felt, passionate lyrics often include heavy topics that address rape, abuse, sexuality, religion and suicide in today’s world. She also finds silver linings in life that offer words of healing and hope.

When Kali is not reading or writing, she can often be found volunteering with her favorite local non-profit group, Athenian Press and Workshop. 

Keep an eye on this poet-in-residence. You’ll be purchasing one of her books of poetry or a novel of hers in the future.

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